Human Resources Assistant

LINES OF AUTHORITY: This position is supervised by the Director of Operations.  Unless specifically designated, this position does not supervise any other personnel.

POSITION SUMMARY: The function of this position is to maintain all employee records, files, provide new hire orientation and liaison with our Benefits Representatives.


1.  Prepares paperwork for new and terminated employees for payroll and RBHA.

2.  Maintains personnel files for current and terminated employees.

3.  Completes fingerprint process for Staff as required by MMHC.

4.  Prepares and submits FMLA and COBRA forms.

5.  Tracks Staff Tuberculosis test and Hepatitis B vaccinations. 

6.  Provides data for RBHA reports.

7.  Initiates new hire and orientation process.

8.  Initiates paperwork for performance appraisals and wage adjustments and transfers.

9.  Provides customer service to internal and external customers and stakeholders.

10.  Participates in the Performance Improvement Processes in the Clinic.

11.  The employee must work well under pressure meeting multiple and sometimes conflicting deadlines. The employee shall, at all times,      demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues and supervisors.

12.  Performs other duties as assigned.


  •   Internal contact with peers, supervisors and managers.
  •   Frequent interface with payroll department.


Qualifications and Experience


  •   High School Diploma/GED.
  •   Age 18 or older.
  •   Two or more years working in a business environment.
  •   Computer proficient (Word Perfect, HR/payroll software).


  •     2 years of Human Resource administration.
  •     2 years experience in new hire orientation. 



  •   Operating office machines, filing, and dealing with people.
  •   Excellent communication and listening skills.
  •   Needs the ability to work/make decisions independently.


Physical Requirements:

  •   Able to sit for extended periods of time.
  •   Frequent reaching and occasional kneeling.

Equipment Operation:

  •     Computer, telephone, fax, 10-key calculator, shredder, copier, typewriter, postage.

Environmental Conditions:

  •   Air conditioned and/or heated office setting.


Mohave Mental Health Clinic will provide reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities, unless it would cause undue hardship.  We define reasonable accommodation as any change in the work environment or in the way a job is performed that enables a person with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities.  We will make a good faith effort to list any special requirements in our job descriptions.

POSITION SUMMARY:  This position's responsibility is to assist in specific areas of administrative as directed by the Director of Operations. 


1.                  Tracks new hire/internal applications, supervision logs, and conflict of interest.

2.                  Facilitates the hire request and the pre-hire work process.

3.                  Conducts EPLS/OIG checks for employees/reports.

4.                  Data entry for tracking of training logs, car insurance, and other data entry items as identified by the Human Resource Assistants. 

5.                  The employee must work well under pressure meeting multiple and sometimes conflicting deadlines.  The employee shall, at all times, demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues and supervisors.

6.                  Provides customer service to internal and external customers and stakeholders.

7.                  Participates in the Performance Improvement in the Clinic.

8.                  Perform other duties, as assigned.