Behavioral Health Technician, non-exempt

LINES OF AUTHORITY:  This position is supervised by the Program-relevant Clinical Site Supervisor and/or Clinical Director.  This position does not supervise any personnel; however, the position requires participation in peer review activities. The position may function in any of the Clinical Departments providing services to either children or eligible adults and replaces former positions of Case Manager I's and Family Involvement Technicians.

POSITION SUMMARY:  The BHT  may provide multiple services to clients and families, including, but not limited to Child and Family Team/Adult and Family Team development and facilitation, Case Management, Life Skills Training, Family Support, Health Education and Counseling. This may include provision of supportive services to medication-only clients.  This position will be expected to maintain an acceptable level of productivity as measured by billable hours/service value. 


  1. Engages with the client, family and other involved parties through face-to-face and phone interactions and works with the client and family to build trust, encourage hope, and ensure ongoing engagement in behavioral health services.
  2. Assist the client and family in development of Adult Treatment or Child and Family Team and works positively as a member of the treatment team. When necessary, coordinates care as evidenced by case notes, Behavioral Health Service Plan Review of Progress (BHSP-ROP) and the distribution of information.  May provide direct services to a client or family several hours a week. 
  3. Completes additional and ongoing assessments as needed to assess needs/monitor progress of the client and family as evidenced by record review, supervision and observation.
  4. Assists the client/family in creating and utilizing safety/crisis plans as evidenced by the written safety/crisis plan in the record. Triage and stabilize emergency situations with clients and families as evidenced by completion and review of Crisis Triage forms in the clinical record. 
  5. Participates in the development and monitoring of Behavioral Health Service Plans (BHSP's), as evidenced by the service plan and service plan updates.
  6. Assists client/families in finding necessary resources other than covered services to meet basic needs, as evidenced by review of the record, coordination of care, release of information and case notes.
  7. Communicates and coordinates client care with family members, behavioral and medical health providers and community resources evidenced by documentation, release of information and reports to state agencies.
  8. Performs the functions of a Dedicated Case Manager (DCM) when assigned identified high needs children and maintains a caseload of no more than 20 children, developing a highly integrated wrap-around plan with the child and family team.  The DCM works at linking and referring families to services, preventing out of home placement and advocating for child and family in the education setting, as evidenced by clinical record review and CFT observation.
  9. Manages caseload and completes required documentation in compliance with agency standards as evidenced by record reviews/audits, supervision, and review of internal reports.
  10. Provides case management and other Covered Behavioral Health services, in accordance with the BHSP, meeting the agency's direct service productivity standard of 60 %, as evidenced by clinical record review and productivity reports.
  11. Provides customer service to internal and external stakeholders.
  12. Participates in the Performance Improvement processes in the Clinic.
  13. This employee must work well under pressure meeting multiple and sometimes multiples and sometimes conflicting deadlines.  The employee shall at all times demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues and supervisors. 
  14. Performs other duties as assigned. 
  15. Able to effectively de-escalate clients using techniques as trained and outlined in approved crisis intervention models.


  • Frequent interaction with clients and their family /support.
  • Interfaces with peers, clinical team members and supervisors, and internal /external customers and stakeholders.
  • Collaborates with community resources/referral agencies.


Qualifications and Experience


  • A Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Health Field OR
  • An Associate's degree with at least two years of full-time behavioral health work experience OR
  • A High School Diploma or GED with

i  18 credit hours of post-high school education in a field related to behavioral health complete no more than four years before the date of hire and two years of behavioral work experience

ii  Four years  of full time behavioral health work experience

  • Valid AZ driver's license and proof of insurance
  • Arizona fingerprint clearance or ability to obtain
  • 21 yrs of age or older
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid


  • Experience working with clients with complex emotional needs
  • Knowledge of community resources available, including benefits and entitlement process, as well as an understanding of managed care.
  • Understanding of client/family-centered care model



  • Basic skills: strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to facilitate a team or group.
  • Complex problem-solving skills including conflict resolution skills.
  • Technical skills including windows computer program, copier, fax.
  • Resource management and organizational skills.
  • Safely performs the physical techniques of non-violent crisis intervention


Persons conducting assessments and/or providing treatment to special populations are able, through training and experience as well as through agency-specific observation or testing of performance to demonstrate competency in the following areas:


Staff responsible for providing services to chemically dependent members have appropriate training, education, and experience, and demonstrate competency.Staff must be able to gather and assess information about:

  • The relationship of each member's physical status to the dependence.
  • The nature of the emotional compulsion to use alcohol and/or other drugs.
  • The intensity of the member's preoccupation with using alcohol/and/or other drugs.

Staff must also demonstrate competency in their ability to:

  • Interpret information about a member's use of alcohol and/or other drugs.
  • Develop a written summary and/or treatment plan based on member's problems and needs;
  • Provide appropriate services.


Staff responsible for providing services to child and adolescent members have appropriate training, education, and experience, and demonstrate competency.

  • Staff demonstrated knowledge of growth and development of children and adolescents.
  • Staff demonstrates their ability to develop treatment plans and services based on member's problem and needs.
  • Staff demonstrates knowledge and skill in working with family systems.


Staff responsiblefor providing services to seriously mentally ill members have appropriate training, education, and experience, and demonstrate competency.

  • Staff has knowledge and ability to gather and interpret information about seriously mentally ill people.
  • Staff understands the member's needs and the range, intensity, and duration of care, habilitation and rehabilitation required.


Staff responsible for providing services to mentally retarded/developmentally disabled members have appropriate training, education, and experience, and demonstrate competency.

  • Staff has knowledge and ability to gather and interpret information about a mentally retarded/developmentally disabled member.
  • Staff understands the member's needs and the range, intensity, and duration of care, habilitation or rehabilitation required.


Physical Requirements:

  • Able to cope with emotional demands as they arise
  • Able to sit for extended periods of time
  • Able to hear ordinary conversation and phone communications


  • Computer, typewriter, printer, fax, copy machine and company vehicles.

Environmental Conditions:

  • Air conditioned and/or heated office settings and client=s home.


Mohave Mental Health Clinic, Inc., will provide reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities, unless it would cause undue hardship.  We define reasonable accommodation as any change in the work environment or in the way a job is performed that enables a person with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities.  We will make a good faith effort to list any special requirements in our job descriptions.