Child/Family Therapist/BHP


This position is supervised by a Children's Clinical Site Supervisor. Unless expressly identified, this position does not supervise any other staff.


Provides outpatient treatment for children and their families within the context of a system of care  which includes collaboration with internal and external supports and resources. 



  1. Provides individual, group and family therapy in a variety of settings, to a diverse caseload of children and their families, as evidenced by direct observation, case staffings, and clinical record review.
  2. Develops with the client and family an integrated Behavioral Health Service Plan (BHSP) which identifies measurable goals and objectives developed by the child, family and their team and identifies the treatment and services to be provided, as evidenced by the BHSP, progress notes, case staffings and supervision. 
  3. Assesses the client and family on a continuous basis, plans for discharge, monitors progress towards goals, and completes progress and case notes with every contact as evidenced by case staffings and the clinical record. 
  4. Assists the family in identifying and utilizing formal and informal community supports with the assistance of other agency staff as evidenced by staffings with Family Involvement Specialists and Child/Family Support Staff and/or involvement in Child/Family teams.
  5. Develops clear, concise behavioral plans which utilize the Child/Family Support staff in providing training or support to the client and/ or the family as evidenced by behavioral plans and clinical supervision of Child/Family Support staff . 
  6. Develops and maintains with the child and family team, a crisis safety plan as evidenced by the plan being in the clinical record. 
  7. Maintains client records in compliance with Mohave Mental Health Clinic, Inc., State, HCIC and Joint Commission standards, as evidenced by clinical record reviews, peer review, and annual quality profile data. 
  8. Adheres to current best practice standards to ensure appropriate length of time in care, as evidenced by review of assigned caseload, clinical record review and case staffings.
  9. Assists in crisis coverage and completion of pre-petition screenings/ evaluations when needed, as evidenced by direct observation and reports that are generated. 
  10. Provides after-hours and holiday crisis coverage on rotating schedule, as evidenced by review of on-call schedule and corresponding beeper logs.
  11. The employee must work well under pressure meeting multiple and sometimes conflicting deadlines.  The employee shall, at all times, demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues and supervisors.  This is evidenced through direct observation and interviews with co-workers and supervisors.
  12. Provides customer service to internal and external customers and stakeholders, as evidenced by direct observation, complaint resolution, and interviews with customers and participation on Child/Family Teams. 
  13. Participates in the Performance Improvement Processes in the Clinic, as evidenced by direct observation and annual quality profile data and participation in team meetings, program meetings and other work or project groups. 
  14. Performs other duties as assigned, as evidenced by direct observation and review of assigned tasks.
  15. Able to effectively de-escalate clients using techniques as trained and outlined in approved crisis intervention models.


  • Clients and their families.
  • Agencies in the community and other supports/resources
  • Family Involvement Specialists, Child/Family Support Staff and other peers
  • Clinical Site Supervisor and Program Manager



  • Master's degree in counseling, social work, or a related field.
  • Licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners
  • Experience in providing mental heath counseling to a broad range of clients.
  • Knowledge of family systems and family dynamics. 
  • Knowledge of DSM IV diagnosis and treatment skills.
  • Eligible to be licensed in the State of Arizona pursuant to ARS Title 32, Chp. 33. 
  • Valid Arizona driver's license.
  • Arizona fingerprint certified or the ability to obtain a class one certification 
  • 21 years of age


  • Basic skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Complex problem-solving skills.
  • Technical skills with computer.
  • Resource management skills.


Persons conducting assessments and/or providing treatment to special populations are able, through training and experience as well as through agency-specific observation or testing of performance to demonstrate competency in the following areas:


Staff  responsible for providing services to chemically dependent members have appropriate training, education, and experience, and demonstrate competency.

Staff must be able to gather and assess information about:

  • The relationship of each member's physical status to the dependence.
  • The nature of the emotional compulsion to use alcohol and/or other drugs.
  • The intensity of the member's preoccupation with using alcohol/and/or other drugs.

Staff must also demonstrate competency in their ability to:

  • Interpret information about a member's use of alcohol and/or other drugs.
  • Develop a written summary and/or treatment plan based on member's problems and needs;
  • Provide appropriate services.


Staff responsible for providing services to child and adolescent members have appropriate training, education, and experience, and demonstrate competency.

  • Staff demonstrated knowledge of growth and development of children and adolescents.
  • Staff demonstrates their ability to develop treatment plans and services based on member's problem and needs.
  • Staff demonstrates knowledge and skill in working with family systems.


Staff responsible for providing services to seriously mentally ill members have appropriate training, education, and experience, and demonstrate competency.

  • Staff has knowledge and ability to gather and interpret information about seriously mentally ill people.
  • Staff understands the member's needs and the range, intensity, and duration of care, habilitation and rehabilitation required.


Staff responsible for providing services to members with intellectual disabilities have appropriate training, education, and experience,  and demonstrate competency.

  • Staff have knowledge and ability to gather and interpret information about a member with an intellectual disability.
  • Staff understand the member's needs and the range, intensity, and duration of care, habilitation or rehabilitation required.


Equipment Operation:

  • Telephone, fax machine, copier.
  • Computer, Windows office programs.

Environment Conditions:

  • Furnished office which is comfortable and safe for both staff and client to facilitate effective crisis intervention and treatment.


Mohave Mental Health Clinic will provide reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities, unless it would cause undue hardship.  We define reasonable accommodation as any change in the work environment or in the way a job is performed that enables a person with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities.  We will make a good faith effort to list any special requirements in our job descriptions.